BYD / F3 (2021)


The BYD F3 is a compact car by BYD.The F3 is one of the top selling compact cars in China.[citation needed] Production of the first generation model commenced in September 2005, and facelifts were done in 2014 and 2016 with a few variants spawned including the BYD F3DM hybrid version, and the larger and more premium BYD G3 and BYD L3.The second generation model was launched in 2012 as a more premium option called the Surui. The second generation model was sold alongside the first generation facelift models and spawned the more upmarket BYD Qin which later replaced the Surui and fits inline with the rest of the Dynasty series BYD models.


BYD / F5 (2021)

Spacious sedan BYD F5At the same time, the exterior is distinguished by a different front bumper, modernized head optics, other rear lights and an increased ground clearance. For potential buyers, several options for body colors are offered, among which you can choose a more suitable one.Spacious sedan BYD F5The interior, in contrast to the exterior, is completely unique and developed by the manufacturers. Although it does not differ in any unusual elements. Everything is simple, thoughtful and concise. But this seems to be what attracts the majority of buyers who do not have the opportunity to buy cars from premium brands.Spacious sedan BYD F5The center of the panel, depending on the configuration of the sedan, is occupied by an audio system or a multimedia system based on a TFT screen. On the left and right near the display, the designers have placed buttons to control different systems. A multi-wheel has been introduced for the added comfort of potential owners. On request, drivers can also choose from several trim options.Technical parameters . The car is equipped with a 1.5 or 2.0 liter power unit. Its power is 129 and 142 horsepower, respectively. It takes 9.2 seconds to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour. The top speed is 200 kilometers per hour. A six-speed manual or robotic gearbox works in tandem with the motor.Safety has been thought out in detail by the manufacturers and confirmed in successful tests. The car fully meets the basic requirements of safety and reliability and is quite resistant to various road situations that may arise during active operation.Conclusion. The car is ideal for young drivers and couples looking for a model in the affordable segment. The machine has all the necessary options to ensure that the operation is calm and pleasant. 



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