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Since inception in 1956 CTC Group has emerged from a family business into one of the leading multi sector corporates in Sudan and East Africa CTC Group is a privately owned group of companies operating in the Sudanese market since 1956 driven by our long-term belief in the potential of the country and its people. Driven by progressive thinking and ambitious entrepreneurial spirit, CTC Group has been touching lives in all walks of life CTC Group has been investing in building partnerships across the globe for over 60 years. We are very proud of all our partners whom continue to share our commitment and drive in transforming people’s lives through innovation, building successful value propositions and transferring best practices and technology.having built a diversified business portfolio and is Sudan’s market leader across multiple sectorsThe Group has been focused on improving the human capital in Sudan through capacity building initiatives and employment opportunities that are a key driver in our commitment to social and economic development.

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