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Savanna Insurance Company has been established on the 10th of May 1989 Savanna Insurance Company underwrites all classes of general Insurance Satisfaction of our Clients is our objective To give best Insurance coverage to our clients Charge the most competitive rates Respond quickly to clients needs Meet claims quicker than expected Focus on continuity of business relation with our customers Savanna Insurance Company is expected to play important role in the Insurance construction activities in Sudan generally and in Southern Sudan particularly, this is due to the fact that some of the shareholders are located in the Southern of Sudan while the other from Northern of Sudan, this provide Savanna with a unique features not found in any other insurance company in Sudan, therefore we are very optimistic that the coming years will bring about growth in our result. Currently the Motor vehicle Insurance class dominates all other classes; however the expectations for the Southern Sudan’s Engineering, Marine and Miscellaneous accidents business together with our marketing policy which attempt to gear towards other classes rather than Motor Insurance will create a balanced Underwriting portfolio.

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