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The management team and employees work on their business and their mission, message, mission, mission, message, brand, brand.


To be a leading Islamic bank, a model of excellence, and the preferred partner for clients locally and internationally.

The first bank in Sudan was established in 1913

Governmental Bank resulting from the merger of a number of banks (Barclays Bank, Al Wahda Bank, Banque Misr)

In 1975 it was renamed to the Bank of Khartoum

The restructuring started in the 1990s

In 1993, it merged with Al-Wahda Bank (Othman Bank) and the National Export-Import Bank

2002: Became a private limited company under the name Bank of Khartoum

In 2005, Dubai Islamic Bank bought 60% of the bank's shares

In 2008 the Emirates and Sudan Bank was merged into the Bank of Khartoum to be the largest bank in Sudan and the shares of Dubai Islamic Bank 28.4% and the Government of Sudan 10%.

In 2010, the Government of Sudan sold its shares and the bank became 100% privately owned

In 2011, the name of the bank was removed from the OFAC . list

Bank of Khartoum Group has 150 additional branches and cash desks

Bank of Khartoum Group has 7 subsidiaries

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