A Brief History: Giad Automotive Co., Ltd. was established on the seventh day of August in the year 2004 in accordance with the Companies Law of 1925 under Certificate of Incorporation No. 22973, and it manufactures cars and light trucks and is one of the Giad Group companies for engineering industries. The company's factories are located 55 km away South of Khartoum on the Khartoum Civil Road. The area of ​​the factories is 60,000 square meters, and the number of employees is 365 workers.

The company owns an exhibition for marketing products in Giad Tower in Khartoum. The company obtained the (ISO 9001-2000) certificate in the year 2005 and the amendment in the year 2010 to (ISO 9001-2008), as well as the “environmental, safety and occupational health certificate (OHSAS 18001: 2007) in the year 2015 and the ISO quality system (ISO 9001-2015) was applied as well. The company won Al-Nazma Award for Institutional Excellence for the year 2017. The company produces and markets the following types of cars and light trucks under license from international companies such as Hyundai Chery BYD Ssanyuong DFAC.

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