AFRITRAC Co. Ltd. is dedicated to enabling our customers to deliver great productivity and control their operating costs by offering Renault Trucks vehicles, that are sturdy and reliable with low fuel consumption. The company strives to provide high quality after sales services and wide range of original approved parts covering all Renault tucks both new and old models At AFRITRAC, commitment to customers is a permanent concern for all employees. We strive to maintain No.1 Market share through expanding our customer’s network and building strong relationships with them. We are working on ambitious plan to extend our premises, service facilities and parts warehouses to cover all the regions in SudanWe have a team of professionals fully trained to the very high standards demanded by Renault Trucks, thus assuring you receive a quality service every time We are committed to continuous education and training of our Staff and Technicians, to maintain a high level of Services Our priority is to be recognized as the best in the business and we are focused to achieve this aim.

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