Xado Oil

The company was founded in 1991 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The name XADO was shortened from the Russian words Kharkovskiy Dom (Kharkov House). In 1998 the directors of the company patented the development of a revitalizant product, a metal treatment which has the ability to repair, restore and protect the mechanism against wear. The first consumer-packaged product was introduced in December 1999. In 2004 in the Netherlands, together with European manufacturer of oils Eurol, an enterprise XADO Lube B.V., which specializes in manufacturing oil with atomic revitalizant XADO Atomic Oil, was established.[1] In addition to the Netherlands, Xado has headquarter in Germany; Today, XADO products are produced under XADO Germany and Xado Lube B.V. the Netherlands licenses. XADO repairing products possess TUV performance confirmation certificate, ISO 17025, American Petroleum Institute (API) approvals.

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