car insurance

Cars Insurance:

It is coverage for damages to the car, third parties, or third party property, in return for a premium of money determined on the basis of the market value of the car. There are several types of car insurance, the most important and most common of which are:

full insurance:

It covers losses or damages to the car body, which are loss or damage resulting from:

Collision or overturning, fire, external explosion, theft or attempted theft, moving the vehicle by any means provided that the company is notified in writing before the transfer, an act of a third party.

Third Party Insurance (Compulsory Insurance):

This insurance covers civil liability towards third parties in the event of bodily harm, death or material damage to the property of others as a result of the use of the vehicle by the insured or the driver authorized to drive it with the permission of the insured.

The Islamic Insurance Company is considered one of the leading companies in all the field of Islamic insurance as it is the first Islamic insurance company in the world and thus invites you to take advantage of its services in the field of car insurance to enjoy an integrated insurance service with efficiency, excellent performance and ease of procedures.

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Fire and burglary insurance

This type of insurance provides protection to compensate for losses and damages to movable and immovable property for the danger caused by fire and theft and covers the dangers of riots, disturbances, fires caused by electrical wires, vehicle collisions, malicious acts, self-ignition, explosion, earthquakes, volcanoes, rain water and torrential rain. Floods, winds, hurricanes, hurricanes, bursting water pipes, overflowing water tanks, planes and what falls from them and objects falling from the sky.

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marine insurance

Marine insurance covers losses incurred by goods due to exposure to insured risks during transportation or shipment.

Types of marine insurance:

1- Cargo insurance:

Includes goods transported by sea or air. Goods insurance is divided into three types, namely (A, B, C Clause), or what is known as conditions A, B, and C. The three conditions agree in covering:

Fire and explosion, deviation, impact, seizure, overturning, derailment of the means of transport from the line, collision, unloading of goods at the port of asylum, general loss, and condition (a) increases over conditions b and c in a number of coverages. Therefore, condition (a) is known to be comprehensive, but There are general exceptions:

Negligence, willful error, natural wear and tear, lack of weight, inadequate packaging, intrinsic defect resulting from the nature of the goods, delay.

2- Internal transport insurance:

It covers goods transported by road, railways, rivers and lakes, and covers damage or loss resulting from fire, overturning of the means of transport, derailment of railway cars, or sinking of the means of river transport. There are also general exceptions:

Self-defect of the goods, damage resulting from delay, shipment of goods with flammable and explosive materials, damage due to rain water, theft, inability and non-delivery, seizure and confiscation, fraud and neglect, war of all kinds. It is required that it be a valid vehicle, loaded in a sound manner, and that its tonnage does not exceed the legally authorized limit.

3- Insuring the hulls of ships and boats:

It covers automatic breakage of machines, collision, piracy, marine rescue, burglary, fire, and there are protection and compensation clubs established by ship owners and cover risks that are not covered by marine insurance with insurance companies such as personal accidents, passenger and captain baggage and liability for damage to berths and barriers in ports and the resulting pollution due to leakage of materials from ships.

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energy insurance

The dangers to which the oil installations are exposed in general, the risks to which the oil installations are exposed can be categorized in terms of presence into two categories:

wild dangers

Marine hazards

In terms of type, they can be classified into:

1/ The dangers of physical damage include:

 Fire: It is one of the most important and expected dangers (for the presence of flammable materials) and oil rushes, especially gas

Hazards of a chemical nature such as explosion and heating.

Natural hazards such as storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning and rain.

Dangers of a social or political nature such as demonstrations, strikes and intentional harm.

Other dangers such as planes and objects falling, vehicles colliding with secured objects, and these also may result in fire or explosion.

2/ Corrosion: This danger has become an obstacle to the continuity of operation. Sometimes it causes the production to stop for a long period, which results in huge material losses, the most important of which is the presence of salts in crude oil and the percentage of sulfur in refineries and distillation units.

3 / Pollution: the presence of hydrocarbon, sulfur and nitrogenous substances in gases or liquids, some of which are released into the atmosphere and some of which leak into the water, causing pollution. This danger may also fall under civil liability.

4/ The dangers of civil liability.

5 / Consequential loss risks: As we mentioned, the facility may be exposed to one of these risks at any stage of oil extraction, and it may be exposed to all of these risks.

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Medical Insurance

Since 2006, the Islamic Insurance Company has introduced group medical and travel insurance, in response to the growing demand for these two covers in the Sudanese insurance market.

Benefits of a group medical insurance policy (group medical takaful): -

The costs of the outpatient clinic are not limited to a certain amount (open) according to the amount and extent of coverage in the policy.

A wide network of hospitals, dispensaries and private clinics.

Chronic diseases and pre-insurance conditions are covered by a specified percentage of the extent of coverage.

Medical approvals for surgeries reach hospitals in the shortest possible time.

Refunding direct treatment bills in case of leaving the medical network is done in the shortest possible time.

There is no maximum cost for room and board in inpatient cases, depending on the extent and amount of coverage.

In emergency cases, the treatment is carried out at the nearest treatment center, and the dependent (patient) receives the full amount of the treatment.

There is a waiting period - 280 days

If you choose to cover pregnancy and childbirth.

Covering newborns after 30 days from the date of birth.

Caring for patients and constantly ensuring the level of medical care

Insurance coverage:

The Islamic Insurance Company Ltd. has formed a private network for health care by contracting with a distinguished group of doctors and hospitals to provide a high level of health care for its dependents.

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travel insurance

It is a system of cooperation on land and in eliminating harm to the traveler due to his exposure to the danger stipulated in this document.

This service is based in its legitimacy on the general rules of Sharia that call for cooperation and support of people to each other, the Almighty said (and cooperate in righteousness and piety). Medical and travel insurance, and keeping pace with the Islamic insurance market, the company has introduced this type of insurance and concluded an agreement with one of the best international assistance companies, the Spanish company mapfre asistecia, in order to provide the best insurance service to its valued insured and with large compensatory limits.

This is a summary of the most important services provided by the company through the travel insurance policy:-

Medical services and aid, including the cost of treatment and stay for treatment abroad in case of injury or illness, and covering all medical expenses within the amount of thirty thousand euros (30,000 euros).

Deportation or re-deportation In the event of the insured’s illness or sudden injury, the company will bear all costs of deportation by ambulance or any suitable means of deportation to and from the doctor or hospital or return him to his place of residence

Emergency dental care The company provides the medical assistance required for dental treatment in case of pain, inflammation or dislocation with a maximum of four hundred and fifty euros (450 euros).

Bringing back a family member who traveled with the insured in case of illness or injury

Returning the body of the insured in case of death to his country of residence

Traveling a family member In the event the insured person enters and stays in the hospital, the company will bear the travel costs of a relative with the costs of eighty-five euros (85 euros) for ten days.

Emergency return of the insured The company shall bear on behalf of the insured the cost of emergency return in the event of the death of a relative

The company bears the costs of sending medicines and delivering urgent messages related to the treatment.

Cash financing in the event of a cash shortage for any reason during the trip, with a maximum of eight hundred euros (800 euros)

The submitted guarantee bond where the company provides any legal document on behalf of the insured to obtain cash financing within the limits of eight hundred and fifty euros (850 euros)

Legal expenses abroad with a maximum of two thousand and one hundred euros (2,100 euros)

Loss of passport, driver's license or ID card, up to a maximum of two hundred euros (200 euros)

Baggage loss:

Checked baggage with the passenger is up to a maximum of two hundred euros (200 euros).

Baggage delay with a maximum of one hundred euros for the purchase of essentials (200 euros)

 14. Delay in departure for return up to a maximum of one hundred and eighty euros (100 euros).

Types of travel insurance coverage by country:

zone i: includes all countries except Sudan, America, Australia, Canada and Japan

zone ii: all countries except Sudan.

Information required when covering:

Name according to the passport (exactly identical), date of birth, passport number, passport validity period (date of issuance of the passport and the last date of expiry of the passport), the coverage period required for the document in addition to the country to which you want to travel.

What is required when canceling the document:

The original document, written by the embassy for the reason for which the visa was denied, to bring the document at least 72 hours before the start of the coverage stipulated in the document and the client will recover the amount of the document except for the issuance fees and government fees.

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engineering insurance

Engineering insurance types and coverages

Engineering insurance policies are called (all-risks policies), which cover all risks except for the exceptions stipulated in the policy.

1- All dangers of contractors:

This document covers civil construction projects such as: factories, roads, railways, airports, bridges, dams, tunnels, buildings, water stations, canals, ports,...

The coverage includes the permanent and temporary works that the contractor implements from the time of delivery of materials on site and during the construction period until the completion of the project, and the coverage can extend to include maintenance periods as well as the coverage includes the civil liability of the contractor towards the third party.


1. The dangers of war - disturbances - civil disobedience - demolition and damage to property by order or permission of the authority or any government - atomic radiation.

2. Willful negligence of the insured or any of his representative.

3. Partial or complete cessation of work.

4. Loss or damage discovered during inventory.

5. Design error.

6. Natural wear and tear as a result of weather factors such as rust, oxidation and damage as a result of non-use.

7. Consequential loss in all its forms, such as material penalties and fines

2- All installation hazards:

This document covers all risks to machinery and equipment during the period of their installation in factories and until the end of the trial operation period. It also covers civil liability towards the third party.

3. Contactor Equipment:

This policy covers the equipment and machinery of onshore contractors against material damage due to an unexpected sudden accident and is covered under the policy. These machines and equipment are divided into the following groups:

• Cranes and hoisting machines - earth leveling machines - paving machines - road and railway construction machines - earthmoving and foundation drilling machines. - Means of transportation - Tunnel boring machines - Bridge building machines.

4- Automatic breakage:
This document covers the risks of breakage to which the machines are exposed during operation, and the policy comes into effect after the completion of the installation and trial run period.
Several types of mechanisms fall under the coverage of this document:
• Electric power generation machines and turbines - machines used in chemical industries such as fertilizer factories - steam machines and power generators - motors - machines for elevators and winches of all kinds - refrigeration machines.
5- Electronic insurance:
This document covers computers - x-rays, large sterilization equipment, artificial respirators, and communication devices such as telephone communication units - radar - radio and facsimile communication devices - telephone equipment used for industrial purposes - equipment for film and television studios.
6- Boiler exploding:
This document covers in:
• The dangers of a boiler explosion, which is the destruction of the boiler or pressure vessel, which is described when insurance, and the coverage also includes liability to the third party.
• Third party liability.

7- Deterioration of stock:
This policy covers the loss or damage to the goods stored in cold stores if the cause of the corruption of these goods is due to sudden and unexpected physical loss or damage to the refrigerator machines as a result of an accident covered under the valid machinery malfunction or breakage document.

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takaful policy

Takaful in case of death or disability (Takaful Policy)

It is cooperation in righteousness and synergy in reparation of harm between the participants.


Its legitimacy is based on the Almighty’s saying: (And cooperate in righteousness and piety, and do not cooperate in sin and aggression). God Almighty has spoken the truth. Among the hadiths is the saying of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace:

Its objectives: It aims to achieve solidarity between the contributors upon the death of one of them or his complete and permanent disability as a result of an accident or illness or permanent partial disability as a result of an accident during the subscription period.

Subscription conditions:

Participation is limited to persons who have reached the age of eighteen (18 years) and have not exceeded sixty-five (65 years) at the beginning of the subscription. Takaful benefits:

In the event of the death of the contributor or his permanent and total disability as a result of an accident or illness, the company shall pay his heirs (in the event of his death) or him (in the event of his disability) an amount equal to the amount of compensation (the nominal value). shortfall of nominal value.

Solidarity fund in case of death or disability:

The funds of the Takaful Fund in the event of death or disability consist of collecting the premiums of the participants and paid with the intention of donating.

Withdrawal from the project:

- The subscriber may withdraw at any time he wants by written notice to the company. - The subscriber donates whatever surplus may be due to him in the fund from the date of the last evaluation before his withdrawal.

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Microfinance means financing the weak economically active segments of society, including small producers, small craftsmen, and productive families.

Basic principles:

First: The Islamic Insurance Company Limited is considered a first party (hereinafter referred to as the company) and the contributor is considered a holder of valid contracts as a second party (hereinafter referred to as the subscriber).

Second: The company shall be a trusted custodian and manager of microfinance operations insurance services in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.

Third: The company collects the subscribers' premiums in a fund it establishes called: (Microfinance Operations Insurance Fund).

Fourth: The company undertakes to publish microfinance operations insurance services.

Fifth: The participants willingly donate part or all of their subscription premiums to the Microfinance Operations Insurance Fund as needed.

Sixth: The company shall be responsible for any loss if it is proven that it is due to its failure to implement the terms of this system or its neglect in performing its duties.

Benefits of Microfinance Operations:

A real guarantee for the financiers and donors of microfinance projects.

Real support for the policies of the central bank and the state and thus contribute significantly to the gross national product.

The surplus of micro-insurance operations is a source of indirect revenue for the participating parties in addition to their other resources.

Raising the level of income of the low-income (the poor) and increasing their income

It allows the financiers (donors) great flexibility in adopting multiple financing formulas instead of focusing on Murabaha.

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Funding Protection (Credit Financing)

Procedures to be followed when requesting the issuance of a credit finance insurance policy:

Bring a letter from the bank.

Fill out the insurance application form.

The annual subscription rate is determined according to the annual subscription rate schedule.

The insured pays the annual subscription in cash or check.

The basic pillars of securing financing protection:

Achieving solidarity between the participants during the period of participation in the event of insolvency, permanent total disability or death.

The subscriber is considered a donor to the subscribers with the consent of the annual subscriptions.

The company manages the fund's risk business and manages the investment of surplus funds according to the mudaraba formula.

Subscription terms:

Fill out the subscription application with all the data in writing, and the subscription application and its documents are an integral part of the contract.

The contributor has completed eighteen years of age and does not exceed sixty-five years of age at the start of the subscription period.

Pay the first installment on or before the start of the subscription period as indicated in the schedule attached to the contract, which is an integral part of the contract.

The subscription begins and ends according to the dates indicated in the schedule attached to the contract.

Conditions for claiming Takaful benefits:

The subscriber shall inform the company in writing of the debtor’s insolvency, incapacity or death within (60) days from the date of his act of insolvency, disability or death.

Proof of insolvency, disability or death, together with the necessary documents, on the form prepared for this, within (120) days from the date of the contributor becoming aware of the insolvency, disability or death.

If the advantage arises from the debtor’s disqualification, the company may have the right to have him examined by a doctor it specifies.

Takaful benefits:

The subscriber is entitled to the remainder of the financing amount from the date of the debtor’s insolvency until the end of the coverage period.

The subscriber is entitled to the rest of the financing amount from the date of the debtor's disability until the end of the coverage period.

The subscriber is entitled to the rest of the financing amount from the date of the debtor’s death until the end of the coverage period.

Cases of non-entitlement to Takaful benefits:

If the insolvency, incapacity or death of the debtor is after the subscriber signed an application for withdrawal and deposited it with the company.

The debtor must pay the insurance premium before his insolvency, disability or death.

The contract shall be void if it contains fraud or deceptive behavior if it is issued by the subscriber or any person with a legal interest or benefit, and the subscriber is obligated to return any amount that the company has paid.

Terms of eligibility for Takaful benefits:

That the data mentioned in the insurance application are correct, and if it is proven that he has intentionally withheld essential data that breach the contract, the participant is deprived of the benefits of the insurance.

The contributor must have paid the full contribution installments due from him prior to the debtor's insolvency, incapacity or death.

The subscriber shall provide the company with legal documents proving the debtor’s insolvency, incapacity or death. In the event of death, the company shall be provided with the legal notification issued by the competent official authority.

A person is insolvent when bankruptcy or liquidation is proven by a court ruling.

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Livestock insurance

First: Issuance of documents as follows:

Fill out the insurance application form by the insurance applicant or his agent.

Introducing the insurance applicant to the coverages and exceptions contained in the policy.

Inspect the farm subject to insurance.

Receipt of certificates from the veterinary authorities (vaccination and health status certificate).

Receipt of a detailed list of animal numbers.

Handing over to the insured the insurance certificate, the policy, and any other appendices.

Second: Payment of claims after preparation as follows:

Notification of a claim is done by filling in the Claims Declaration Form.

After receiving the claim permit form, the following documents will be received (insurance certificate - veterinary report - any other documents)

An initial examination is conducted by the employee to confirm the claim and an examination by a veterinarian.

Extracting the insured's claim.

Livestock insurance policy:

The company (Islamic insurance company) is obligated to cover death cases only for insured animals during the period specified in the insurance policy or for a period of thirty days after the date of the end of coverage in case of death as a result of illness, injury or accident that occurred during the validity period of the policy and the company was notified about it.

the conditions :

The insured animal must be free from any disease, wound or injury and must be fully vaccinated according to the certificate of a competent authority.

This policy covers the insured animal as long as it is in the possession and ownership of the insured personally. The document is canceled automatically and immediately in the event of the sale of the animal or the partnership, if it is temporary or permanent.

If the animal is offered for sale or offered in competition during the validity period of the policy and the price set for it in this case is less than the price allocated for it in the policy, the insurance value will automatically fall to the new price.

The animal must remain within the geographical area specified in the insurance contract.

The animal shall not be used except for the purposes stated in the insurance contract and which are commensurate with its nature.

The insured shall provide full care for the insured animals.

In the event of an animal disease, the animal owner provides, at his own expense, the veterinarian and allows the animal to be evacuated from its place if necessary.

In the event of the death of an insured animal, the owner of the animal, at his own expense, must bring a doctor to perform the autopsy of the animal to determine the cause of death.

If the company pays compensation to the insured and the death was the result of a third party's fault, the insured must provide all possible assistance and documents for the company to recover its right from that party.

The insured has the right to stop the validity of the insurance at any time he wants with a written request to the company, and then the other pays the entitlement from the premiums at the expense of the short period. The company may also stop the insurance by sending a letter to the insured five days before the date of suspension.

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Miscellaneous accident insurance

1. Cash insurance: cash insurance against all risks (except for exceptions) and includes several types:

Cash in the safe: The insurance covers cash in the safe against the risks of fire and burglary

Cash in transit: The insurance covers cash in transit to and from the bank

Cash at the counter: This type of insurance covers the theft that occurs to money and the like during its circulation through the counter during official working hours, provided that the theft occurs from third parties (other than the employees of the insured)

Cash at ATMs: This type of insurance covers fire and theft of money inside ATMs within 24 hours, provided that the theft occurs from third parties (other than the employees of the insured)

2. breach of trust insurance policy:

The breach of trust document covers material losses to the insured (the business owner) in his money or property as a result of the commission of the trustee (the insured) an accident of waste or embezzlement while performing his job duties

3. Personal Accident Document:

It covers death and injury that the insured may be exposed to as a result of a sudden accident, and the insured determines the amount of insurance

4. Workers' Compensation Document:

Covers workers against the risks of injuries during working hours and at the workplace or deportation to and from the workplace. The employer submits the workers’ salary statement to the party requesting insurance, and the insurance amount is calculated at 42 months’ salary for each worker.

5. Civil Liability Document:

This document covers the civil liability of the insured towards other parties

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