health insurance

Offers a range of options designed to meet different sectors expectations and aspiration, and the benefits have been adjusted transparently to ensure maximum benefit to subscribers. You can choose from the main four packages below:

Nile Package

Platinum Package

Golden Package

Silver Package

The most important advantages of medical insurance from Nilein Insurance:

We offer an outstanding service and a variety of health support services, so we are there whenever you need us.

A diverse network of carefully selected service providers.

Special rates and benefits for large groups.

Flexible solutions with easy payment plans.

Regional coverage in Egypt in addition to Sudan.

International experiences have been benefited from and adapted to the local reality in Sudan to ensure continuous medical service without interruption.

Designing packages to ensure the insured’s maximum benefit from insurance, such as increasing the sub-ceilings and determining the ceiling of chronic diseases only for the follow-up and treatment of chronic disease, while deducting hypnosis and surgery from the ceilings specified for that.

The medical service in Sudan and the Arab Republic of Egypt is done through direct billing within the medical network.

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Phone:249 18 377 8190

call : 1333



ThisThis type of insurance includes:

Livestock insurance

Poultry insurance

Fish insurance

Risks caused by miscarriage of natural reasons and disasters

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car insurance

The management of Al-Nelain Insurance Company Ltd. has the honor to present the insurance policy for cars and automatic wheels that are licensed to run on public roads. This type of insurance provides the following coverages:

- Third party insurance cover or compulsory (compulsory), and under this coverage, compensation is paid to the third party to whom the vehicle subject of the insurance causes damage.

Comprehensive insurance cover … and hereby cover the damage to the insured car resulting from the risks included in the comprehensive insurance policy, including the risk of fire, theft or damage resulting from attempted theft. Comprehensive insurance coverage includes the car’s structure. The policy also covers damages incurred by the third party.
Supplementary insurance cover “physical damage” and under this coverage, damage to the car is compensated, including fire and theft, and the coverage does not include the third party.

Fire and theft insurance cover only when the car is parked without use for a long time.

- Additional insurance cover Car passengers (private - commercial) can be insured in the case of compulsory or comprehensive insurance, as well as driver and chassis coverage. All these additions are guaranteed under an additional premium.

- An additional cover cover, which is to cover the driver, passengers and riot and disturbance coverage, and these additions are guaranteed with an additional premium added to the basic insurance premium

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Phone:249 18 377 8190



fire insurane

Covers the dangers of fire, lightning and electrical wires.. As for the additional dangers that can be added if the insured wants to cover them, they are the dangers of torrential rain, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, riots, disturbances, theft, malicious acts, and dangers of damage resulting from the explosion of water pipes, explosion of gas cylinders, planes falling and objects falling from them. The same applies to smoke emitted from burning insured materials in the event that insured items that were not consumed by the fire are contaminated with smoke, making them unusable.

The document is issued after conducting an inspection of the insurance subject and making sure that the safety conditions and tools issued by the Civil Defense Department are implemented and enforced. Precautionary measures to prevent fire and provide all safety means to avoid its occurrence are:

Installation of alarm devices and sprinklers

Providing security and preventing smoking

waste removal

Providing a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, reviewing them periodically and training in their use.

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Phone:249 18 377 8190 

Hotline: 1333



Means the insurance of goods against marine perils during the ocean voyage and insurance against the dangers of inland transportation.

Marine insurance services from the Niles:

Outside of the cruise:
the ship
freight (freight)
Types of coverage:
cover (a):
It includes coverage of all marine hazards represented in fire - stranding, stranding and capsizing of ships - collision and friction of a ship or boat with any external body - unloading goods in relief ports - earthquakes - throwing goods - sweeping waves - sacrificing goods in general loss (general average) - entry of water into holdings - Piracy - total loss of any parcel due to falling off the board of the ship - poor handling - pollution - bad damage or intentional damage to the thing subject to insurance or any part of it by an illegal act.
cover (b):
Covers all the dangers mentioned in A except for piracy-mishandling-pollution-war and nuclear disturbances-insolvency or financial incapacity of the carrier.
Covering (C):
It covers fire, stranding, stinging, collision, friction and unloading of goods in relief pans.
It is noticeable that the coverage is more comprehensive and then less comprehensive.

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Phone:249 18 377 8190




There are several insurance policies covering the engineering activity, as follows:

A document covering machine malfunctions or automatic breakage (MACHINERY BREAK DOWN)
Blast boilers and boilers
Notice to contractors
Construction risk insurance policy
Securing letters of guarantee or credit

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Thirst of all kinds Water shortage in the main canals after a comprehensive drought due to the receding of the Nile or due to irrigation bottlenecks Irrigation disruption after heavy rains.
Drowning due to heavy rains, torrential rains, and breaking canals, drains and barriers due to natural causes.
Pests and diseases if they reach the epidemic limit after carrying out the necessary and required control.
Lightning fires, unintentional fires, frost and hail.
National pests (locusts, mice, birds and stubble), and unusual pests.
Risk management and loss reduction: The company adopts a philosophy that its qualified cadres contribute to the management of agricultural risk before it occurs, through intensive moves to avoid risks and then absorb their effects through the loss reduction program, which left the matter of its validity to its employees and the agricultural work tool in the field through insurance mechanisms

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This system aims to achieve interdependence between the participants during the subscription period in the event of the death of one of the employees or one of the members, or his permanent total disability, then the solidarity is with the beneficiary by paying the Takaful benefits agreed upon in the contract, according to what is stipulated in this system.

Terms and Conditions:

The claim for any Takaful benefit shall not be preceded by a withdrawal request signed by the contributor and deposited with the company.

The claim shall not be preceded by a request to cancel coverage for the worker/member in question, signed by the subscriber and deposited with the company

The claim should not have resulted from an accident in the event that the worker/member was actively involved in a declared or undeclared war, civil war, rebellion, agitation, civil riot, or the declaration of a state of emergency

The claim must not be the result of a suicide or attempted suicide.

The accident should not be intentional on the part of the employee/member, or on the part of others with his complicity.

The death of the worker/member must not have been decided upon by the heirs, or the legatees for them, or from some of them, and if this is proven, the offender shall be deprived of his share in the benefit of solidarity.

The contributor is not entitled to a Takaful benefit for any accident that occurred to any worker/member if it is proven that the cause of the accident was arranged by him

The cases for which Takaful benefits are required to be paid should not have arisen before the contract became effective

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Al-Nelain Insurance Company Ltd. has the honor to present a travel insurance policy that provides a broad cover for many risks to which a person is exposed during the period of travel and residence outside the country. In Khartoum for the purpose of obtaining a visa, we issue it on behalf of the Spanish company MAPFRE ASISTENCIA. S.A.


1/ Costs of treatment and accommodation in hospitals abroad.

2/ The cost of returning the insured woman to her country of residence in case of illness and accidents.

3/ The cost of emergency dental treatment

4/ The cost of returning a family member traveling with the insured woman to the country of residence in case of illness and accidents.

5 / The cost of transporting the body to the country of residence.

6/ The cost of travel for an immediate family member to accompany the insured in emergency cases.

7/ The cost of an emergency return home in the event of the death of an immediate family member

8/ Deliver urgent messages.

9 / a surety bond, the user returns the amount to the company after returning home.

10/ Cash payment in case the credit card is lost (it will be returned to the company after returning home)

11/ Cash payment in case of losing the passport, driver's license or ID card abroad.

12/ The cost of searching for the lost bags and delivering them to the insured.

13/ Compensation for lost baggage with the passenger.

14/ Compensation for baggage delay and the arrival of the shipped bags accompanied by the passenger.

the conditions : -

1/ The coverage begins when the plane leaves Sudanese airspace and ends at the end of the coverage period indicated in the document or when the plane lands at one of the Sudanese airports.

2/ The document does not cover diseases that preceded the issuance of the document or chronic diseases.

3 / In the event of an emergency, please call the numbers indicated in the document, choose the communication language you prefer, identify yourself, your document number and the required service, and then

The Mapfree employee will ask you for your phone number and will call you to provide all the required services.

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Miscellaneous accident insurance

1/ Personal accident insurance for people (professionals and workers in private and public establishments and institutions) and covered within 24 hours for a year. (PERSONAL ACCIDENT)

2/ Insurance of cash in the safe or while it is being moved from one location to another during the year. (CASH IN SAFE CASH IN TRANSIT)

3 / Securing broken glass and glass facades for shops, exhibitions, etc. (PLATE GLASS)

4/ Securing the goods transported within the geographical parts of the country. This determines the total number of travelers during the coverage period and the average value of one trip. (GOOD IN TRANSIT)

5 / Securing betrayal of trust and it is related to the covenant of the people who have storage and delegates Fidelity Garantti

6/ Workers’ compensation insurance against bodily injuries during working hours, and his compensation shall be in accordance with the regulations of the Labor Law for the year 1997 AD

7 / Insurance of liability for the dangers of food products and the responsibility of occupational hazards.

Requirements/How to Order:

Phone:249 18 377 8190