During your Kia ownership you may need to replace a part and when that happens we recommend using Kia Genuine Parts. Kia Genuine Parts are engineered to precise and exact standards by Kia, matching the original specification of the vehicle. Non genuine parts can sometimes be less reliable leading to more frequent replacement and labour costs. This may compromise the performance of your Kia, and may also invalidate your warranty. Kia Genuine Parts are available from any Kia dealer at competitive prices. And because our dealers also have Kia Trained Technicians with the latest diagnostic equipment, you’ll be sure to get the right part for the job fitted properly. All Kia Genuine Parts are covered by a 2 year warranty.

To find out more about our warranty on Kia Genuine Parts please 

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K8, Wad Madani Road

P.O.Box 56



Tel: 1414

Fax: +249-183-216208

Opening Hours : 7:30- 16:30


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DAL Motors, the authorised distributor of the brand in Sudan, spares no effort to provide high quality services to MMC customers.

The MMC team comprises highly qualified professionals who are ready to help and support you with the best standards of customer service to ensure your satisfaction.

Requirements/How to Order:

 Kilo 8, Wad Madani Road

P.O. Box 56, Khartoum, Sudan

Fax: +249-(183)-216208

Hotline: 1414