Al-Romana International Group for Trade and Investment

Al-Romana International Group for Trade and Investment was established in the year 2014 AD, where the real beginning was in the eighties of the last century in the field of car trade, through the portal of the International Center for the Promotion and Manufacture of Cars (iccA) in Khartoum and Khartoum North, where the company's activity extended to the markets of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council countriesThe company relies on its commercial line on the auto trade, as it is the authorized agent of Japanese Suzuki cars in Sudan, the agent of the Chinese Lifan Company and the agent of the Higer Buses Company. The company is also considered one of the largest distributors of cars for several global companies such as Toyota / Hyundai / Hino trucks, as well as the commercial activity extended to other commercial sectors, including in The real estate field, the agricultural field, and the petroleum services field represented by the Dubai Petroleum Company as well as the auction field through the Dubai Indication and Auctions Company. After that, the company expanded and extended its business to the industrial sector by establishing several factories in Sudan through the opening of a Rummana factory for the manufacture and assembly of commercial bicycles. With the help of international experiences and the company's business extended to other areas of the many investment projects in several countries of the world, the company has global links with several companies, financial institutions and international banks The company relies in the performance of its multiple projects on human forces with high efficiency and experience, as it has a team of managers and employees who are scientifically and professionally qualified, which contributed to the prosperity and progress of the company to a prominent position in the world of finance and business

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